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Tiger Tribune 2019 May

Letter From The Editor:

We did it! We’re in the last month of the school year, and although many of us may be anxious for our finals, I trust that every single one of us will do amazing! To distract you from your studies for a bit, this final edition of the Tiger Tribune for this school year has some fascinating articles on May holidays such as Star Wars Day, No Tobacco Day, this month in history and more! The staff here at the Tiger Tribune wishes you an amazing summer and can’t wait to see you again in August!



Jannah Khan


The Tiger Tribune

May Survey/Staff Question

By Rida Abdulwasay

“If you could be a marine animal for a day, which one would you be?”

Ibrahim Y.

An Orca



Anaya Cambridge

I would be a sea otter. They are so cute and tiny! They float all day on the surface of the sea, they’re very social, and overall just make you smile!


Either a dolphin or a sea turtle.


A dolphin, because they jump in the air, do tricks, which shows their intelligence, and make clicking sounds.

Thanhthanh Nguyen

I'd like to be a starfish, because I can just hang out in the ocean and regenerate my limbs when I lose them. I appreciate the extra security.


A Sea Urchin! They have spikes on them to protect themselves from predators and generally are not kidnapped for the sake of human amusement and greed.

Noshi Kapoor

If I could be any marine animal, I would be one of the bioluminescent jellyfish that live in the midnight zone. I think jellyfish are beautiful, and I would love to be able to experience the depths of the ocean without any man-made tools and machines.

Lucy Henneker

A sea otter. They're inventive and prepared (carrying rocks to open shellfish); committed to their goals (diving 250 feet to find food), and devoted to a community (wrapping themselves in seaweed to stay together). Plus, they're just all-around adorable.


I would most likely be a dolphin.

Rida Abdulwasay

I would like to be a Manta Ray.


Fins, Feathers, and Fur: May Community Service Idea

by Lucy Henneker

Be Kind to Animals Week is from May 6-12! Even after this week is past, however, the time to care for the animals and the environment around us is far from over. CSF has put together this list of service opportunities in the eight counties Connecting Waters schools support.

For Everyone:

  • Start a fundraiser or a supply drive for your local animal shelter! You can also organize a fundraiser for a global organization, such as the World Wildlife Fund
  • Interested in the media? Write, create videos, or take photographs to show how and why we should conserve the environment! One great source for information is the Nature Conservancy.


  • The Humane Society of Stanislaus County, 1620 N Carpenter Rd. Suite C23, Modesto is looking for volunteers to foster animals, clean cages, feed cats, photograph animals, and more! If you are under 16, you need an adult to accompany you. Go to their site to sign up!
  • The East Stanislaus Resource Conservation District, 3800 Cornucopia Way, Suite E, Modesto is looking for volunteers for field work and more! Contact them through their form if you’re interested.

San Joaquin:

  • The Stockton Animal Shelter, 1575 S Lincoln Street, Stockton is looking for volunteers to foster animals, clean and care for animals while in the shelter, do laundry, and more! Download and complete the application on their site and bring it to the shelter if you are interested in volunteering.
  • Various San Joaquin County Parks volunteer groups are looking for volunteers! Contact information can be found on their website.


  • The East Bay SPCA, 8323 Baldwin Street, Oakland; 4651 Gleason Drive, Dublin is looking for volunteers to commit to two-hour weekly shifts! You need a parent/guardian’s waiver if you’re 16-17, and parent/guardian supervision if you’re 10-15. Go to a Meet & Greet session at one of the two listed locations to start becoming a volunteer!
  • Check out this list of creek and wetland restoration groups from Alameda County’s site. Listed are websites for volunteer opportunities throughout the county!



  • For those over 16, the Mariposa SPCA, 5599 Hwy. 49 North, Mariposa wants you to volunteer with dog walking, petting animals, helping with yard sales, and more! If interested, call them at 209-966-5275 or email


Santa Clara:

  • The Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority, 3370 Thomas Road, Santa Clara is looking for volunteers! Go to their site for more details. Volunteers ages 13-17 need to have a parent/guardian partnering with them.
  • The City of San Jose Parks, Recreation (SJPR), & Neighborhood Services  is looking for volunteers to help with parks and trails! Go to their site for the links to register.


  • The Humane Society of Tuolumne County, 10040 Victoria Way, Jamestown is looking for volunteers for socializing cats and dogs, walking dogs, and more! Tasks have different age requirements; the minimum age overall is 14. Go to their site for more details and to sign up!


Bridging the Bay

By Melody Moy

Bay Bridge

One of the most photographed bridges in the entire world, the Golden Gate Bridge, which connects San Francisco across the Golden Gate Strait to Marin County, has been a picturesque scene for decades. When the Golden Gate Bridge first opened, it was the tallest in the world, at 746 feet tall. Others have surpassed it since its construction completion date in 1937, but it has been made famous in many movies, poems, and in folklore, and around the world. Two hundred employees help keep the bridge running and 100,000 cars cross the bridge daily. There is also a pedestrian walk, and bicyclists can ride across the bridge too. Ferries cross the bay parallel to the bridge. This bridge is approximately 1.7 miles and 90 feet wide.

The idea for the suspension bridge began in the 19th century. Many thought it was impossible since the water was so deep and the weather conditions were so terrible. But in January 1933, a Chicago engineer named Joseph Strauss made it possible to make the bridge. He knew it would cost a lot, an estimation of $25-$30 million, but luckily, the state legislature agreed and the counties around it agreed to help fund the project along with some bonds that were made available by Bank of America.

During construction, which started in January 1933, there were storms, tides, and fog. Lots of people signed up to work since it was in the middle of the Great Depression. But there were also problems, too. A cargo vessel collided into the access portal. A safety net failed to open, and although 1 person jumped to safety and 2 people survived falling into the water, 10 people died. And one person died during construction. So altogether there were 11 deaths.

 Although it appears to be red, the color of the bridge is actually International Orange, which is similar to red lead. It doesn’t need to be repainted every year, but when they do their two-year inspection, that gives them an idea of what their plan is for the bridge. The bridge is truly a landmark and is an engineering marvel. The setting is incomparable to most places.

Armed Forces Day

by Ibrahim Yaseen

Armed Forces Seals

Annually every 3rd Saturday of May is Armed Forces Day; this year it will be celebrated on Saturday, May 18, 2019. Thanks to President Harry S. Truman, it’s a day to pay special tribute to the men and women of the Armed Forces. Although, originally, there were single day celebrations for each branch of the military, the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force, this format changed on August 21, 1949, when Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson announced the creation of Armed Forces Day. The first official Armed Forces Day took place on May 20, 1950; and was themed “Teamed for Defense.” In honor of the special day, B-36 Bombers flew over state capitals, a march was led by more than 10,000 veterans and troops in Washington, D.C., and over 33,000 people participated in a New York City parade. WOW! This day is celebrated by exercises, parades, and receptions that highlight and honor our amazing military and all of its strength. Some other ways to celebrate the special occasion include wearing red, white and blue; flying the American Flag; talking with or writing to a military member; donating to military-based organizations; or sending care packages for those serving overseas. It is a day that our military members rightly deserve and it’s essential that we celebrate it accordingly.


World No Tobacco Day

Amir Chermat

No Smoking Flyer

With the intent to reduce the spread of tobacco, the World Health Organization, also known as WHO, calls for individuals around the world to practice 24 hours of abstinence from any tobacco-related products. Although many may dislike the idea of such a holiday, claiming it to infringe on their enjoyment of the substance, World No Tobacco Day was not invented to torment smokers but to the protect the smoker and those around them.

It is common knowledge that the addictive substance tobacco is harmful to the smoker’s organs, but tobacco can also harm the environment and anyone near the smoker by the means of secondhand smoke. About 890,000 people a year die from secondhand smoke. Not only can tobacco harm you and other organisms, but it can also harm your wallet. The average smoker spends $2,011 a year on cigarettes alone.

For the sake of yourself, the world around you, and the smokers themselves; please encourage any tobacco smokers you know to withhold from smoking on at least May 31, and join us for World No Tobacco Day.


Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Thanhthanh Nguyen

The month of May is dedicated to celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander culture in the United States! It all began in June 1977, when Representatives Frank Horton of New York and Norman Y. Mineta of California made a proposal to the House of Representatives to make the first ten days of May become Asian-Pacific Heritage Week. A month later, in the Senate, Senators Daniel Inouye and Spark Matsunaga introduced a similar bill. President Jimmy Carter signed the joint resolution for the celebration on October 5, 1978. In 1990, President H.W. Bush extended the celebration from a week to the whole month of May.

This celebration recognizes people of Asian and Pacific Islander heritage living in the United States. The first recorded instance of Asian/Pacific Islander presence in the United States was a group of Filipino men who fled the Spanish in the late 1700s. Now there are more than 20 million Asians and Pacific Islanders currently residing in the U.S.!

Also known as API Month (Asian Pacific Islander Month), there are many things you can do in honor of this month! You can learn more about your heritage from grandparents and other family members, eat traditional food and wear traditional clothes. If there are festivals near you, try to go to them. Be proud of your culture and background!

This goes for everybody in the world, too! We should all learn and respect each others’ cultures, and we should not be limited by the months of the year. Learning is a lifetime process.

Happy API Month!


National Clean Your Room Day

By: Anaya Cambridge

National Clean Your Room Day takes place on May 10. Not many people know about this national holiday. (Thank goodness for the children!) This National Day is to help people feel motivated to clean their room. Now, I don’t mean pick stuff up and put them back in their place; its time do some deep cleaning and reorganizing!

Most kids may not like cleaning their rooms themselves, so if you're really trying to get your child or sibling to clean, help them out. Start at one designated area of the room (the closet for example), pull everything out, throw out what's no longer needed and then clean/polish/vacuum that designated area. Once clean, place things back NEATLY, don’t just throw it all in. Repeat the process until the whole room is clean! You have no idea how accomplished you’ll feel after this. You were productive and now a clean room is your reward.


This Month in History: May

By Zayan Abdallah Khan


May 1, 1707 - Great Britain was formed from a union between England and Scotland. The union included Wales which had already been part of England since the 1707. The United Kingdom today consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

May 2, 2011 - U.S. Special Operations Forces claimed to have killed Osama bin Laden after a raid on his secret compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

May 4, 1886 - The Haymarket Square Riot occurred in Chicago after 180 police officers advanced on 1,300 persons gathered in the square listening to speeches of labor activists and anarchists.

May 5 - Celebrated in Mexico as Cinco de Mayo, a national holiday in remembrance of the Battle of Puebla in 1862, in which Mexican troops under General Ignacio Zaragoza, outnumbered three to one, defeated the invading French forces of Napoleon III.

May 20, 1862 - President Abraham Lincoln signed the Homestead Act opening millions of acres of government-owned land in the West to "homesteaders" who could acquire up to 160 acres by living on the land and cultivating it for five years, paying just $1.25 per acre.

May 20, 1927 - Charles Lindbergh, a 25-year-old aviator, took off at 7:52 a.m. from Roosevelt Field, Long Island, in the Spirit of St. Louis attempting to win a $25,000 prize for the first solo nonstop flight between New York City and Paris. Thirty-three hours later, after a 3,600-mile journey, he landed at Le Bourget, Paris, earning the nickname "Lucky Lindy" and becoming an instant worldwide hero.

Dates and facts are taken from


Star Wars Day

By Noshi

May The Fourth be with you


Long ago, in a land far, far away, the wonderful holiday known as Star Wars Day was created. This holiday started out as a pun. “May 4th” offers a fun take on the catchphrase “May the Force Be With You.” On this day, Star Wars fans across the globe say “May the Fourth be with you.”

Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Siths is referenced on May 5th or May 6th, depending on who you ask, for Revenge of the Fifth Day or Revenge of the Sixth Day. Whether on the 5th or 6th, this fan-made holiday celebrates the villains of Star Wars instead of the Jedi.

How Can I Celebrate?

  • Watch as many Star Wars movies as you can on the weekend of May 4th. Some theaters play Star Wars movies for that weekend, and Disney Channel plays the entire series, in order, on both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Go to a baseball game. Although it is not directly related to Star Wars, certain baseball teams will hand out Star Wars related items. For example, the New York Yankees will be giving away an Aaron Judge Jedi bobblehead in their game on Friday, May 3.
  • Roar like Chewbacca. Starting May 1 and continuing through May 25, Star Wars: Force for Change US will be hosting a social media event. For every post, like, or share, on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, tagging #RoarForChange, the organization will donate $1, up to $1,000,000, to UNICEF USA.

Did you know?

  • The first reference to May 4th and Star Wars occurred on May 4th, 1979. Margaret Thatcher became the United Kingdom's Prime Minister that day, and her Conservative party congratulated her with an ad in the newspaper The London Evening News that said, "May the Fourth Be with You, Maggie. Congratulations."
  • Luke Skywalker's name was originally going to be Luke Starkiller.
  • The Jawa language in Star Wars is actually the Zulu language sped up.

May the Fourth be with you.


Ringling Brothers’ Circus Formed

By Noshi

Circus Elephants

On May 19, 1884, the Ringling brothers opened a small circus in Baraboo, Wisconsin. By the early 20th century, it had transformed into the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. The Circus finally closed down in May of 2017, a decision influenced by costs of owning the circus and new laws and regulations.

The Ringling brothers started when five of the seven sons of August Fredrick Ringling, a German immigrant, performed traveling skits and juggling routines. They called themselves the Ringling Brothers Variety Show. The brothers started out traveling on foot, and once they had earned enough money, started traveling by train.    

On May 19, 1884, the Ringling brothers purchased the Yankee Robinson Circus and renamed it the Ringling Bros. Circus. This brought them to the attention of Barnum and Bailey’s Circus as future competitors. The two circuses met to agree on a division of areas. This was followed by Charles Edward Ringling purchasing a half share of the Adam Forepaugh Sells Brother Circus from James Bailey. In 1906, Bailey died, and the Ringling Bros. took over Forepaugh-sells, which ran separately from their original circus.

In October of 1907, stockholders of Barnum and Bailey’s Circus approved its sale to the Ringling Bros. The two merged to form Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Sadly, the circus closed down on May 21, 2017, due to high costs of owning the circus and new laws that regulated how the circus had to transport, handle, and train their animals. This made it hard to continue giving the quality in the shows the audience had grown so fond of. Their final show was promised to be “The Greatest Show on Earth.”


National Missing Children’s Day

By Zahra Shaikh

As you may know, several children go missing throughout the year in the United States. This has become a prevalent issue and many agencies attempt to find a solution. Luckily, out of the 365 days of the year, one day is used to promote the safeguarding of lost, innocent children. Every year, on May 25, since President Ronald Reagan proclaimed National Missing Children’s Day in 1963, the US Department of Justice observe this holiday by holding a ceremony to honor the outstanding and remarkable efforts of the organizations and groups to protect and guard all children of the United States. This commendable day is to encourage parents, teachers, guardians, and caregivers to make child safety a priority. It also serves as a reminder to bring lost children back home and reunite them with family and friends.

As a part of this purpose, the US Department of Justice launched a National Missing Children’s Day Poster Contest which invites fifth graders to design posters to promote the holiday. To fully carry out this project, the US Department of Justice collaborated with the Missing and Exploited Children’s Training and Technical Assistance Program which helps coordinate the contest and other activities.

So, on May 25, 2019, try your best to promote Missing Children’s Day and raise awareness through simple messages or posters. And if you are a fifth grader reading this, consider entering the National Missing Children’s Day Poster Contest. Details to enter, including the submission deadline, can be found here. Have fun celebrating National Missing Children’s Day on May 25!


Mother’s Day

By Sumaiyah Shah

Flowers and ChocolateHappy Mother s Day

That’s right, it's almost here! Hard to believe that it's already 5 months into the year. To all the mothers, grandmas, and aunties of the world, “Happy Mother’s Day.” If no one has told you this, let me be the first to say, you are amazing at what you do and what you have done;  just because we don't say it as often, we appreciate you more than you’ll ever know.

This special holiday was created to honor women for the love they give (much-needed recognition, I believe). The women that raised you kept you inside them growing. The moment you were born they kept you close to their heart. Even if they didn't birth you into the world but they grew you up, they still loved you in doing so. It wasn't something they had to do, but it was something they WANTED to do it. So, for all those daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren, remember to honor the women in your life.  Making something is better than a store-bought product because it came from your heart, not your wallet. Happy Mother’s Day, everybody.


The Book Column: May Edition

By Tasneem Nasim

May marks the beginning of the last month of the 2018-2019 school year! Here are some books for you to enjoy over the summer.                           

Middle Schoolers: When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead

When You Reach Me Cover

This book is, by far, one of the best books I’ve ever read during my middle school years. The main character, Miranda, is an ordinary sixth-grader who lives with her mother in a run-down New York apartment. She always walks home from school cautiously, trying to avoid an old homeless man whom Miranda calls the laughing man because of his constant and unusual laughter. One day Miranda’s best friend, Sal, gets punched by another boy for no apparent reason, and from then onwards, Sal suddenly ends his friendship with Miranda. Then Miranda starts getting strange notes. The anonymous writer says he's coming to save her friend's life and his own, and he needs Miranda to write a letter for him. This book will turn your mind inside out. I had to read it twice to understand it, and when I finally did, I realized how amazing this novel actually is. Prepare to be amazed!


High schoolers: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Of Mice and Men Cover

This novel is about two men named George and Lennie. While George is short, dark, and quick-witted, Lennie is tall, slow, and child-like. After escaping from their old job (which they had to ditch because Lennie got them in deep trouble), George and Lennie find and secure a job at a ranch in Salinas, California. They both share a dream of one day owning a piece of land on which they can live together (and as Lennie dreams, has lots of rabbits). And they believe if they can work long enough at this ranch, their dreams might actually come true. After a few days on the ranch, however, it seems that Lennie might get both of them in trouble again, and George might not be able to help him this time. This classic novel explores many important themes including racism, friendship, and the American dream. The ending will leave you touched and in tears.

*This novel contains mature content, which may be a sensitive topic for some readers. Please check Common Sense Media before reading.

Have any recommendations/ books you’d like to see/ feedback for this column? Email at



CWEB Robotics Club Opening

Thanhthanh Nguyen

The Robotics Club has officially opened in late March! Its official members are Melissa Lunger, Emily Lunger, Hannah Lunger, Xavier Grundler, Ozair Mehmood, and Thanhthanh Nguyen.

More activities will start happening in the fall when the club hopes to start competing.

For more information, contact


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