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Student Behavior Policy

CWCS Board Approved June 15, 2021

The following rules are to be followed during testing (students will be reminded each day by their test administrator):

  1. An emergency contact number must be given to the teacher before testing can begin.
  2. Identified supervising adults must be listened to and obeyed.
  3. The CWCS Dress Code must be followed. Students will be sent home or, if available, a garment will be provided to wear over their clothing.
  4. There is no talkingnote passing, or noise making during testing.
  5. Cell phones are turned off or collected by proctor during testing.
  6. There is no talking when the teacher is talking (during breaks, quiet talking is allowed).
  7. Hands are raised for questions.
  8. Only one student at a time is allowed to leave the room to use the bathroom.
  9. Respect will be shown for other's personal space and belongings.
  10. There is no verbal or physical abuse allowed- profanity, threatening or violent behavior will not be tolerated.
  11. We are using private property for a school-sponsored event and the rules of the facility must also be followed.
  12. There is no smoking allowed.
  13. Students must stay in their designated areas.
  14. When  tests  are  finished,  students  stay  in  the  classroom  until  others  are  finished. Students may bring books or dry art materials to engage in during this time- (NO electronic devices such as gameboys, mp3 players, iPods, cellphones, etc. are to be used during this time).
  15. Regarding CAASPP testing: Students may not leave the facility until:

-Grades 3-8-Parents come in and check students out from their teacher

-Grades 9-11 Students check out from their teacher with a signed letter from parent stating that they may leave on their own (if student does not have a letter, they will wait there until a parent or guardian can be contacted and talked with by an adult helper or teacher).


Breaking these rules could result in Suspension or Expulsion from the school.

Parents will be called immediately and student will be sent home with consequences and return at a later date to make up the CAASPP tests.