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Prospective Vendors FAQs

updated 01/23/2018

How do I become a Vendor?

All vendors must be requested by a Connecting Waters Charter Schools parent and/or   “sponsored” by a Connecting Waters Charter Schools staff member. A prospective Vendor request form will be sent to Vendor Relations for an eligibility review. If the prospective Vendor is approved for school usage a Vendor Agreement packet will be sent to the business by mail or email.  After all documents in the Vendor packet have been fully completed, received, and processed by Vendor Relations the business contact, referring parent, and/or sponsoring staff member will be notified with an “Official” Vendor welcome notification.  For Service Vendors a Business Services Assistant will follow-up with PO / Billing introduction phone call.


I was sent a Vendor Agreement packet and I have specific questions.

Please be sure to read through the Vendor Agreement thoroughly before calling with questions. Most prospective Vendors find that the information they are seeking is in the Agreement or within Vendor Relations email notification. If you still have questions, please contact our Business Services Department Vendor Relations at 209-874-1119 or email


Where do I send the Vendor Agreement packet once it is complete?

Please be sure that all of the information in the Vendor Agreement packet is fully completed prior to sending. Please scan/email to and if needed our mailing address is:

Connecting Waters Charter Schools

Attn: Business Services Dept.

12420 Bentley Street

Waterford, CA 95386


Do I have to DOJ fingerprint all of my employees/volunteers?

Yes, a service Vendor is required to have all persons who have any contact with students, including email and/or electronic communications completion of the Live Scan background checks with clearances for both state (DOJ) and Federal (FBI) levels. CWCS will provide the Live Scan form, however, the cost of fingerprinting is the responsibility of the prospective vendor and to be completed at a Live Scan Service location.


I do not DOJ my employees/volunteers for online instruction.

Completion of the Live Scan background checks are to be completed for all persons who have any contact with students, including email and/or electronic communications.  The school will not be able to use a business’s online services for any person who has not completed Live Scan fingerprinting (DOJ) State and Federal clearances.  


Do I have to TB test all of my employees/volunteers?

A written Negative TB Test clearance is required for all persons who will have in-person contact with students.  


Is a Business License required?

Mistakenly classifying an individual as an Independent Contractor can result in significant fines and penalties to the school by the IRS.  A business license or permit to sell is required depending on type of business and what local government rules apply.  If a sole proprietor’s local agency does not require a business license a copy of Schedule C Form 1040 Profit and Loss and a Resume may be submitted in place of the license and reviewed case by case. 

If an individual does not meet the Independent Contractor requirements, you may work with our Human Resource Department to determine if you may qualify as a small group instructor (SGI) employee. Contact 


What is the Insurance requirement for an Independent Contractor?

A Vendor is required to provide CWCS with proof of a certificate of insurance evidencing a minimum of $1,000,000.00 in liability coverage for each occurrence and $2,000,000.00 aggregate as well as an Additional Insured Endorsement naming Connecting Waters Charter Schools as an Additional Insured on the policy.