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Computer Information

Chromebook Training Video

For school owned computers still under warranty
The device manufacturer will handle warranty repair. Parents please contact customer support for your child’s specific device before contacting your ES or the IT department.

Dell Support

Apple Support

HP Support

Chromebook Hardware Support: 



For any requests on how to navigate / use Google Chrome Operating System (OS):

Google Chrome OS Support

For school owned device returns under warranty:
When it is applicable, parents please contact your child’s ES. Your ES will contact the IT department.

For school owned computers not under warranty
Parents please contact your child's ES to place a purchase order with one of our approved vendors for repairs not covered under warranty. 

Please contact your child's ES for any questions or concerns.

Hello CWCS Families!


In most cases, proper care of CWCS devices will assist in making a device last for longer periods of time. Please note that the CWCS IT Department and our Vendors will evaluate each device upon return, as well as any other devices brought in for repair and check for any causes for a device failure. If a device fails due to misuse, negligence, or purposeful damage, the family will be responsible for the cost to fix or replace the device out of pocket, as student funds cannot be used for this purpose. Nonetheless, there are certain circumstances that a device fails, even when there was no negligence. Here is a list of items that CWCS deems "acceptable" when it comes to non-damage issues on a device, along with some ways to keep damages from happening: 


Blank screen with no visible damageDo not put devices on the floor where they can be stepped on. Do not leave devices plugged in in a high traffic area, where the cord can be tripped on, pulling the device down.


Dead batteries at all agesUnplug a device when not in use when possible.


Chargers/Adapters with no visible negligent-caused damageDo not pull the cord from the wall using the cable, pull from the actual plug. Do not leave devices plugged in in a high traffic area, where the cord can be tripped on. Properly wrap cable up, making sure there are no hard folds or pinched areas on the cord.


Keyboard not workingDo not eat or drink near the computer. Keep small items away from the computer, as some keyboards have gaps that smaller items will get stuck, forcing keys to pop off.


Software/Operating System issues: Do not download files you are not sure about or expecting. Use school computers only for school related activities. Do not install games or other software not needed for education.