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My Access Writing Information

Quick Steps for creating a Prompt in My Access

  • Login to MyAccess
  • Click “Groups and Assignments” – On this page click “Create a Group” (top right).
  • Enter a “Group Name,” for example, Grade 6 or a student’s name.
  • Enter a “Grade Level.” (Same page) then click “Save” near the bottom right.
  • Click “Students” tab. Choose students to add to the group from the list on the right then click “Save.”
  • Click “Assignments” tab on same page.
  • Click “Add Prompt” (far right).
  • This is Step 1 of 6. Choose a grade band, a genre, a theme, & a subject or “Select All” for one or more of those categories. Then click “Search” (bottom right)
  • Scroll down and choose a prompt.
  • When you find what you want, click “Select Prompt” (bottom right).
  • Now you are at Step 2 of 6.  Here, just click Step 3: Setup Availability (far right bottom).
  • Step 3 of 6: Make your choices. Do not change “Assign to Track.” Do not make changes or add to “Assign to Additional Groups” (the box to the right).  After you make your choices click Step 4: Setup Scoring (bottom right).
  • Step 4 of 6: Make choices here, but leave “Readability in Student View” On. Then click Step 5: Setup Feedback.
  • Step 5 of 6:  If you want your student to revise the essay click “Enable My Tutor,” “Enable My Editor,” and all five domains. Click the ? in blue to read about “Feedback Level” and “Rule Preferences” before deciding what to choose for those categories. Then click Step 6: Add Tools.
  • Step 6 of 6: Click any tool you want your student to use. Unclick any tool you do not want your student to use.
  • Click “Save and Assign.” You are done!

Email if you have questions.