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9th Grade Math Placement Recommendation

Grade 9 Math Placement Recommendation


Dear Parents of a 9th grade student,

It is the goal of CWCS to place students in a math course that they are prepared for and likely to achieve success,  maximize each student’s college and career preparedness and competitiveness, and ensure that students achieve at least the minimum requirements necessary for high school graduation.

As Senate Bill 359 points out, “Pupil achievement in mathematics is important to prepare pupils for college and their future careers, especially those careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Placement in appropriate mathematics courses is critically important for a pupil during his or her middle and high school years. A pupil’s 9th grade math course placement is a crucial crossroads for his or her future educational success. Misplacement in the sequence of mathematics courses creates a number of barriers and results in pupils being less competitive for college admissions, including admissions at the California State University and University of California.” Mathematics Placement Act of 2015 (SB359)

Pursuant to the Mathematics Placement Act of 2015 and the CWCS Math Placement Policy, CWCS Administration has taken the following objective measures into account and has made the following recommendation for your child’s 9th grade math course. 


●     Course taken in 8th grade and achievement in that course

●     8th grade CAASPP score

●     Math Readiness Test Score

●     AIMSweb check scores

●     Scantron scores

●     ES recommendation


Please review the following recommendation and complete the  Grade 9 Math Placement Acknowledgement Form  survey.


Student Name:______________________________________________________________



Recommended Course for _________ school year:_________________________________



CWCS Administration:________________________________________________________