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K-2 Tier 3 RtI Reading Materials

K-2 Tier 3 RtI Reading Materials


ESs will work with all students in Grades K-2 who are not performing at grade level in reading on local assessments closely following the CWCS Early Literacy Plan.   


Additional recommended support materials include: 


Early Reading Tutor

Grade Levels K-2

Increase early reading gains with daily 10-minute sessions

Allow struggling readers to remain in their core reading program with the additional support found in SRA’s Early Reading Tutor.  Used by well-trained paraprofessionals, volunteers, or teachers, this one-to-one, 10-minute intervention has been proven to quickly increase phonemic awareness, alphabetic understanding, decoding skills, identification of high-frequency, irregular words, and fluency with connected text, spelling skills.


Program Components

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Early Reading Tutor - Teacher & Students Materials Package 2007

ISBN: 9780076053940

MHID:  0076053946

Price:  $198.00