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EE (a-g YES)

Provides a-g EE Portfolio Review Oversight

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Debbie Kutz (CWCS Employee)

[email protected]

Math a-g YES


Melinda Gray (CWCS Employee)

[email protected]

a-g Algebra 2

a-g Pre Calculus

a-g Calculus


Huma Tazeen Syed

EZ Teck, Inc


(925) 285-2681
[email protected]


(Available to students in Alameda County)

Math to 10th Grade a-g YES

Rolff Christensen (CWCS Employee)

(209) 327-3093
[email protected]

Stockton, Lodi, Valley Springs, online for all areas

Math a-g YES

Sherry Woo (CWCS Employee)

(209) 832-4547
[email protected]


Math a-g YES

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