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CAASPP Parent Letter

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Dear Parent/Guardian:

Our annual assessment of State Standards, called CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress), will be administered again this Spring, along with the CAST (the California Science Test). CAASPP includes computer adaptive tests in English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics. In California, all students in grades 3 through 8 and 11 participate in the CAASPP/Smarter Balanced ELA and Math tests. In addition, this year, the CAST (California Science Test) will be administered to students in grades 5, 8, 11, 12. A Physical Fitness Test is administered for students in grades 5,7,9.

Here is a link to the NGSS(Next Generation Science Standards) used for the pilot CAST(Science test). There will be no scores given for the Science test this year: NGSS for California Public Schools, K-12. We will be using the Chromebooks again this year at regional sites to administer the tests.

Consistent use of the online CAASPP Practice and Training tests are key in familiarizing your student with the content, format, and tools, and removes a good deal of stress when it comes time to sit in front of the computer in a classroom to test. Also, of great importance is to prepare your student with keyboarding skills so they are comfortable and capable using the Chromebook to write, and to work out test items. Younger students may not understand the vocabulary used in the tests, for example, the 3rd grade math practice test uses the words evaluate, expression, unknown, and perimeter. Using the vocabulary found in the practice tests during daily math practice may help your student better understand the questions.

CAASPP Practice and Training Test portal: Please click on the Student Practice/Training Tests and it will log you in as a guest. The Practice Tests provide students with grade-specific testing experiences with content. The Training Tests provide students with the opportunity to become familiar with the testing tools. The Training Tests are organized by grade-bands (e.g., 3–5).

While sitting with your student when they are taking the CAASPP training or practice tests, note the tools and/or content that are a struggle for them. A discussion with your ES on these notes can lead to avenues of assistance and support. It is also a good time to try out some of the designated support options such as color contrast, masking, and text to speech if your student has an identified need. “Designated supports” are available for students with identified needs. Some of the designated supports are as simple, yet potentially useful, as the color contrast choice. You will notice when your student logs into a training or practice test, there is an option to change the font and background colors. This option may be helpful to a student needing visual or attention support. There are embedded and non-embedded Designated Supports. Please have a discussion with your ES as to the eligibility and feasibility of these supports, and the process to request. Ideally, the decisions are made by all educators familiar with the student’s characteristics and needs, as well as those supports that the student has been using during instruction and for other assessments. Student input to the decision, particularly for older students, is also recommended.

Students with IEP and 504 plans will continue to work with their appropriate resource specialists in determining their testing supports.

Your ES will provide detailed information on your student’s test site location, schedule, dress code, and preparations. We applaud your choice in taking responsibility for your student’s education, and support you in all the wonderful ways you provide learning opportunities. We realize standardized testing is only one way to assess a students’ knowledge, and acknowledge all aspects of progress and performance.

Thank you for your continued efforts and positive participation in providing your student with an excellent education.

The Assessment Department

Connecting Waters Charter School