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b. English

These courses listed below have been submitted to the UC system for a-g approval for CWCS.

Click here to check for UC approval status. Enter "Connecting Waters Charter School" as the school name.

(To see the course content and text book selections, please click on the course title in the chart below. The recommended texts, or a more recent edition, must be used.)

Some of the more recent course textbooks are listed here by course name. Please be sure to also consult the course description in the links below for all of the required elements in the a-g course, and use the listed textbook for the a-g course name it is listed under.

Note: For a-g English 9, 10, 11, and 12, the course outline must be followed. Each course outline requires that students read 3-4 novels per semester along with several informational texts. The required novels are listed on each a-g course outline. (master list recommending novels for independent reading by grade level)  


Growth Area

Course No.

a-g Course Title

English 1E1001 a-g English 9A
English 1E1005 a-g English 9B
English 1E1002 a-g English 10A
English 1E1006 a-g English 10B
English 1E1003 a-g English 11A
English 1E1007 a-g English 11B
English 1E1004 a-g English 12A
English 1E1008 a-g English 12B
English 1E1010/1E1011 a-g English 9 A/B (CA Standards)
English 1E1012/1E1013 a-g English 10 A/B (CA Standards)
English 1E1014/1E1015 a-g English 11 A/B (CA Standards)
English 1E1016/1E1016 a-g English 12 A/B (CA Standards)
English 1E21020/ 1E21021 a-g 20th Century Literature A/B
English 1E21010/1E21011  a-g Science Fiction Lit. A/B
English 1E21050/1E21051 a-g Expos Reading/Writing 12 A/B
English  1E21022/1E21023  a-g World Literature A/B