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General Parent Information

Parent/Student Handbook
This link takes you to the complete handbook for CWCS Parents/Students.

CWCS Parent Listserve: Have your ES sign you up for the Parent Listserve and stay in the loop!

Parent Portal Instructions

Directions for Parent Portal: Attendance Learning Logs

Healthy Families
Now, more children and teens qualify for free or low-cost coverage programs!


The Curriculum Department section of our website contains information on curriculum recommendations, curriculum resources, learning styles, our ESLRs (Expected Schoolwide Learning Results), and various educational approaches.

General Work Permit Instructions

General Work Permit Instructions This link contains instructions for requesting a general work permit.
Statement of Intent to Employ Request Form This link contains the form for requesting a General Work Permit.
Entertainment Industry Application This link contains instructions and procedures for requesting a new or renewal Entertainment Industry Permit.

Common Acronyms (found on website)

ACT: College Entrance Exam

AP: Advanced Placement
CAASPP: California Assessment of Student Performance & Progress

CAHSEE: California High School Exit Exam
CWLC: Connecting Waters Learning Center
PE: Physical Education
PLIP: Personalized Learning Individual Plan
PSAT: Practice SAT(College Entrance Exam)
CTE: Career Technical Education

The following are acceptable items that can be purchased with Instructional Funds (this is not all inclusive).

Certain items will be limited to a specific dollar amount.

We provide basic supplies, not “top of the line” equipment.

Acceptable items that can be purchased with Instructional Funds

The following are unacceptable items that cannot be purchased with Instructional Funds (this is not all inclusive).

Unacceptable items that cannot be purchased with Instructional Funds

Connecting Waters has educational price agreements with several product vendors.  For vendors who offer “Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday” or any other advertised discounts these will not be applicable to our school, since we already receive educational discount pricing.