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RTI Math

Developmental Math

Dear Parents and ESs;
Does your student struggle with math? Perhaps they just need a little help on certain concepts like
math facts, fractions, or solving  for  unknowns...  whatever  their  struggle,  we  are  here  to  help! Your student may benefit from a supplemental Developmental Math class in addition to their current math program. We are proud to offer Curriculum Associates CAMS/STAMS/SOLVE Developmental Math.  This program has proven to be very successful with our students.
Accurately diagnose and provide differentiated mathematics instruction and practice. The new
CAMS®, STAMS®, & STAMS Solve Book Collection focuses specifically on the foundational math skills students need to master to move on to the next grade level and perform well on state mathematics tests. This powerful program will give your students a solid mathematics foundation and ensure they have the tools they need to become independent problem solvers.
Students attend classes online via our Elluminate web-based classroom with our credentialed instructors four days per week. This  program  also  meets  the  requirements  of  your  student’s Personalized  Learning Improvement Plan. If you are interested in signing your student up or curious to see if they can benefit from the program, please download and administer the placement exam found in the RtI Math section  of our website. Placement results can be emailed to your ES along with your request for placement in the appropriate course.
Materials Notice: Three consumable student workbooks are needed for the math classes: CAMS, STAMS, and
SOLVE. Loaner  copies  are  available  from  the  MLC  for  Levels  C,D,  and  E  while  you’re  waiting  for  your  order  to  arrive.    Once  you  receive  your  students’  order,  you  would  need  to  deliver  them  to  MLC  to  replace  the  materials  your students took. This will ensure studentshave instant access to materials for classes. If you have questions about your specific placement results, please contact: Debbie Kutz, Math Specialist at
Note: High school students may earn up to 2.5 units of elective credit for participation in Developmental
How to sign up:
1)Download and administer Placement Test to student to determine correct placement.
2) Ask your ES to enroll your student in
corresponding CP
3) Ask your ES to order required