Four Point Rubric Writing Traits


Writing Traits

1 Point

2 Points

3 Points

4 Points


Main ideas and purpose stated. Topic may be overly broad and simplistic. Position/purpose/direction is unclear and must be inferred. Result may be ineffective.

Main ideas and content clear, focused, and interesting. Topic stated. Position/purpose introduced and maintained. Supporting details included. Mainly stays on topic.

Main ideas and content very clear and strongly supported with details. Topic/position/purpose clearly stated and maintained throughout. Topic and details tied to central theme or purpose. Focus based on purpose and format requirements.

Main ideas stand out. Content is exceptionally clear and strongly supported with rich detail. Topic/position/purpose clear and strongly stated and maintained throughout. Topic and details tied to central theme and purpose. Focus based on purpose, audience, and format requirements.

Organization (how well a piece is clearly organized, logically sequenced, and appropriately paragraphed; overall effect if writing).

Organization clear and coherent. Order and structure apparent. Sequence of events logical. Details nay be a listing of facts/ideas. Transitions adequate. Beginning and conclusion impact. Paragraphs attempt to develop a central idea.

Organization enhances central idea and its development. Key concepts logically sequenced. Beginning grabs reader. Conclusion adds impact. Transitions enhance meaning and flow. Paragraphs develop central idea.

Organization includes previously mentioned points. A variety of transitions enhance meaning and flow. Paragraphs organized around central idea and develop main idea and purpose of composition.

Organization includes previously mentioned points. Multiple paragraphs develop, support, and enhance central ideas and purpose. Overall effect demonstrates skilled craftsmanship.



Word Choice

Vocabulary ordinary, lacks preciseness and variety. May be inappropriate to purpose or audience. Words and expressions convey general rather than specific message.

Vocabulary shows some varied and interesting words. Expressions are clear and convey untended message. Words generally appropriate fir audience and purpose. Includes vivid and descriptive language.

Vocabulary is varied. Consistently uses interesting, descriptive words and expressions appropriate to audience and purpose. Expressions chosen to convey intended message. Literary devices used.

Vocabulary includes previously mentioned points. Words and expressions specifically chosen and placed fir impact to enhance purpose and position, and convey intended message. Literary devices effectively used.

Elaboration (supporting details and examples that develop the main idea.)

Elaboration of ideas is sketchy or redundant. General details offer little support for key ideas.

Elaboration of ideas may include some sketchy, redundant, or general details. Support for key ideas is uneven.

Elaborations of ideas includes a mix of general statements, specific details, and examples. Supports is mostly relevant, but may be uneven and lack depth.

Elaboration of ideas includes specific details and supporting examples for key points/ideas. May use compare/contrast to support statements.


Voice is inappropriate to topic/ content/audience. Writing provides little sense of involvement or commitment.

Voice is evident, through it wavers between appropriate/inappropriate and impersonal/personal/ Commitment to topic is inconsistent.

Voice is appropriate for topic/ purpose/audience. Writing demonstrates a consistent sense of commitment to topic.

Voice is appropriate for the topic/ purpose/audience. Unique styles comes through. Writing is expressive, engaging, or sincere and shows a strong sense of commitment to topic

Sentence Fluency

Sentences mechanical, repetitive, and simplistic. Writing difficult to follow. Awkward, choppy, or rambling sentences construction.

Sentences mechanical and simplistic. Occasional awkward sentence construction and paragraph transitions.

Sentences varied (simple, compound, and complex), creating an effective flow and rhythm. Transitions smooth.

Sentences show high degree of craftsmanship. Strong, varied sentence construction. Enhances content of composition. Transition between sentences and paragraphs flow, making oral reading easy and enjoyable.


Displays little or no sense if audience. Does not engage audience.

Displays some sense of audience.

Displays a sense of audience.

Displays a strong sense of audience. Engages the audience.