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8th Grade Bridge Program


  8th Grade Bridge Program 2017-2018

The Bridge Program is a dynamite lineup of grouped classes taught by extraordinary teachers at the Learning Center on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9am to 3:30pm each week! The Bridge Program is designed to ensure your student will be ready for the rigor of high school.

To sign up please click this link:

8th Grade Bridge Program 2017-18 Sign Up Sheet

9:00 - 10:00 am Physical Science taught by Theresa Meyers

(note: the Monday class will be taught online only and Wednesday classes/labs will be twice monthly as scheduling permits); STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering and Math) classes will be held on non-lab Wednesdays

10:00-11:00 am   English taught by Denetrice Howard

11:00-12:00 pm   History taught by Denetrice Howard

12:00-12:30 pm   Lunch

12:30-2:00 pm    Algebra 1 taught by Debbie Kutz (meets the high school Algebra requirement. Students must pass an Algebra Readiness test to take this advanced course.)

OR your student will take

2:00-3:30 pm   Math 8 taught by Debbie Kutz   

*Elective courses ( photography, drama, and study hall) are taught on Monday afternoon when students are not in their math class.

*Wednesdays - Study hall

Elective Courses:

1st semester elective- Photography taught by Maureen Lemos

2nd semester elective- Drama taught by Julie Hilbert

(these classes with take place 8 Mondays during the semester, either before or after their math class).

First day of class:  The first day of class will be Monday, August 21st at the Learning Center.  The students will sign into their online physical science class with Theresa Meyers at the learning center. Students will be using chromebooks to access the online class provided by the Learning Center. Students should arrive at the learning center at least by 8:45 so they are ready to sign into the online class on time.

Parent and Student Orientation:  A student and at least one parent must attend the Parent and Student orientation on Wednesday, August 23rd  at 8:30 am at the Learning Center.  You will meet the Bridge Program teachers and find out what is expected of you and your student in order to achieve optimal success in the program. You will be able to ask any questions you may have at that time.

Cost: $800.00 per semester will be deducted from the student account to pay for the cost of materials, supplies and instruction for the Bridge Program.

Field Trips:

Field trips dates :

Lawrence Livermore Lab-- Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

Spring  --(TBA)

State Testing: Bridge students will have CAASPP testing at the learning center TBA


The curriculum that will be used and provided for each student is listed below. Each student will also receive a Chromebook to use as an aid for their classes. The English and History will be an historical US History study approach with a focus on analytical and research based writing. Students will also use the following:

Glencoe Focus on Physical Science Student Edit.

CA Science Notebook: Active Reading workbook

CA Science Notebook: Active Reading TE

Collections by Houghton Mifflin - English

Glencoe American Journey, Discovering Our Past- History

*Math 8: Go Math!, by Houghton Mifflin OR Algebra 1 ACE by Houghton Mifflin

*Math 8 is the grade level course for 8th grade students. Advanced students who want to complete high school Algebra in 8th grade would take Algebra 1, but must first pass the algebra readiness test with 80+%. Talk to your ES or Debbie Kutz to sign up for this test.

Bridge dates for 2017-2018

(dates are subject to change)

Physical Science Lab dates:

Select Wednesdays

Aug 23

Sept 6 & 13

Oct 4 & 11

Nov 1, 8 & 29

Spring dates TBA

Elective Class Dates

(Depending on which math class is taken)

12:30-2:00 & 2:00-3:30

Photography (Maureen Lemos)

Aug. 28

Sept. 18

Oct. 2, 16 & 30

Nov. 13 & 27

Dec 11

TBA - Drama (Julie Hilbert)


Testimonials from students who attended the 8th grade Bridge class

The teachers in the program are fantastic and they get back to your emails very quickly. They also have good tempers and don't blow up when frustrated with annoying junior highers. They understand when you don't understand an assignment and they help you catch up when you miss a day of school.


I have learned a lot this year for example Y=MX+B. I am really starting to enjoy learning. I never was the smartest kid in class, even though I always wanted to be. The teachers have made it so much easier for me. I feel like I have excelled greatly. Math is one thing that I feel I have improved on the most. I really like math now. Mrs Kutz is a wonderful teacher and has made it so much easier for me to learn.

Mrs Howard is really a wonderful teacher. She wants what is best for the class. She wants us to learn and improve and also push past our limits. I have learned so much form this class. I am very thankful for this class and the things I have taken form it.

Socializing has always been a weak point in my awesome skills if I had any. Coming to the bridge program has helped me come out of my comfort zone and talk to people.


I've learned a lot this year from Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Kutz, and   Mrs. Meyers.  They teach a thing to it is learned perfectly even if there Is a limited time they teach It thoroughly. I've also learned that some things are taking into my own hands and it's our responsibility to complete it.


This year's Bridge program has been beneficial for me. Not only has it been somewhat enjoyable, but it has also helped me to grow in some ways that I may not have otherwise.

I have gained a greater sense of responsibility while being in the Bridge program because I did not have due dates for my homework. Also, the fact that I have only two days of class and the rest of the week to either take responsibility and do my homework or procrastinate helps me.

I have enjoyed the social aspect of the Bridge program because it has given me the chance to interact with other people of my age, which is something I never really had a chance to do in my homeschooling years.

The classes have also been enjoyable because they made the learning process

a bit less boring. For example, our English teacher occasionally allows us to share our opinions on a certain subject.

In conclusion, I have no problems with the Bridge program because it has been a pretty good experience overall.


I have been thinking about the things that I like about the Bridge Program, and I would like to share with you. I really like how Mrs. Howard sets up her way of homework deadlines, and giving us instructions. My reading has improved also my writings. I also learned how to write long essays before I could only write three paragraphs now I can write 5-7 paragraphs, the novels are fare they are easy to do and also quick, you just have to adjust your time like what you need to do, I do all my work before I go and play soccer.


My science class is fun but it just needs to speed up a little bit. My teacher Mrs. Meyers is really funny and really nice, she gives us easy assignments and easy tests. She has fun classes when she comes in person, her labs and activities are fun.


Our math class is fun but it is hard to get the hang of it. Mrs. Kutz is a really nice teacher she helps us before class if we have trouble on any question. The homework is easy most of the time, but sometimes it is really hard. At first we don't get the homework but after a while we start to understand what to do.


Everyone like the way that we got Chromebooks, we also like the way that they give us the time to do our homework on study hall. Our music class is fun I like the way that Daniel helps us if we have trouble and also how we are learning how to read music. The Bridge Program is a really good program to help us get ready for high school.


I am going to be tell you about the Bridge Program and what it has done for me. The Bridge Program has taught me many things that I most likely could not have learned on my own. The teachers have been going above and beyond to help us excel.

One of the things that I have learned is responsibility. My teachers have taught me to be organized and responsible about my schoolwork and the time they give me to complete it. They have taught me to be responsible for turning in my homework assignments on time.

Another thing that I have learned here is to be on time with deadlines. My teachers here at Connecting Waters have taught me that I need to manage my time correctly in order to be able to turn in assignments and projects on time.


I, for one, enjoy the Math and History teachers above all-else. My Math teacher always helps me and the other students make sense of things we sometimes don't understand. And our History teacher teaches us life lessons, and valuable ones at that. For instance, when we were learning to solve linear equations our Math teacher, Mrs. Kutz, helped us use many of the things we had learned prior to the Bridge Program (And 8th grade) to simplify things! Or when Mrs. Howard, our History and Language Arts teacher, was showing us how to properly write a research paper! All in all, both teachers have helped me grow as a person, AND a student. Mrs. Howard taught us about responsibility, and still is. As well as: time management, building character and, the best of the bunch, controversy. And, though she may not seem like it at first, Mrs. Kutz is incredible! She, in MY opinion, is the coolest teacher. She's somewhat of an athlete, and REALLY good at Math, and she even has a tutoring class for when we still don't understand the material. So, Mrs. Howard taught me how to be a better person. And Mrs. Kutz gave me someone to admire and give me motivation to improve. That is why they are my favorite Teachers, and my favorite aspect of the Bridge Program.


The Bridge Program helps me understand the work because I have a chance to talk to a teacher in a classroom if I need help.


The Bridge Program also prepares us for high school. The teachers prompt me to do my best and try my hardest. These classes have helped me grow into an individual student and will have impact on my education.


The teachers, self-improvement, and the integration of technology are all things I have liked about the Bridge Program. The teachers that teach the Bridge Program students are some of the best I've had so far.  They each have a unique personality that adds something to all of the classes. They also effectively communicate thoughts and ideas in a way that I, as well as the other students, can understand.